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Mission Statement

I would like to announce my candidacy for State Senate District 4. My platform is straight forward. First and foremost I am running for term limits. As your State Senator I have 3 issues I wish to fix in Nashville. I need two years of the four year term to address these issues. At that time I intend to run for sheriff and fix the problems we have in our own back yard. We cannot afford the endless lawsuits and it is truly a Southern Injustice and embarrassing.  Wayne Anderson has sued the tax payers for 8.8 million dollars again, this is the second law suite.

1. There is NO reason Tennessee hasn't adopted Constitutional Carry. Shall not be infringed means EXACTLY what it says. The bill was introduced 3 years ago and has stalled in the legislature for unknown reasons. Section 26 of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee gives us that right. I have been a one issue voter since May 19, 1986. Al Gore lost his home state because of his views on gun rights during his bid for the Presidency.

2. Annual background checks on handgun permit holders. Under the present law TBI does a background every 5 years when the renewal comes due. 

A lot can happen in ONE year, much less 5 years. Once the annual background check becomes law this will bring Tennessee into compliance and save the people with a valid permit the $10.00 gun tax which is currently on the books. Our sister state of Virginia has Constitutional Carry and the state charges $2.00 per background.

3. I wish to address the Constitutional merits of TCA 8-8-102. This was passed by the legislature at the behest of the Sheriff's association and it took a Constitutional right away from WE THE PEOPLE. The "law" was passed by the politicians for the politicians, not for the people. Section 4 of our Constitution clearly states there will be no political or religious test to seek ANY Constitutionally elected office in the State of Tennessee.

I am a TRUE Tennessee Volunteer. I have donated my time for the last 20 years as a deputy sheriff to protect the citizens of Tennessee for one dollar a year. I am on the ballot and I will not budge one inch. Thank you for your vote.

- John Paul Blevins